Umunede court’s fragile infrastructure and my notice to Justice C.I Dafe through Toplaw & Samuel, Registrar

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On Dec 11, 2023, I noticed wall cracks at Umunede high court, I asked my lawyer and the court registrar to inform the Judge. Ekiti state court collapsed a while ago. Ironically, Justice C.I Dafe, presiding, complained against my character at court and stated she’d like I be evaluated. The character is me refusing to leave the dock on Oct 30, 2023, because she refuses to act against criminals attacking my premises while I’m being tried for a similar attack at my private, gated premises. The only activity on Dec 11, 2023, was me asking a warder to notify her team that she should be attended to as she was coughing while reading Judgement for someone. That’s kindness, not contempt of court.


On December 11, 2023, I noticed the wall behind Justice C.I Dafe had significant cracks.

I recalled a recent incident reported about Ekiti State Chief Judge, Justice Oyewole Adeyeye, escaping death, when a section of the state high court complex collapsed on him while in the office as reported by Punch.

I informed my Lawyer Barr.Emenike to inform the Judge of the risk of the wall collapsing. I also informed the Registrar, Mr.Samuel, Umunede High Court, to inform Justice C.I. Dafe, and relevant persons of the need for renovation to avoid an incident like the Ekiti State Court collapse. I offered to finance if they’re receptive.

The previous court date I protested her refusal to act on my complaints to her and the state counsel that criminals were still attacking my premises while I’m being tried for being attacked in a similar incident.

The state counsel Barr.F.O Isichie, was kind to state he’d look into the matter but Justice C.I Dafe, acted as if a complaint of that gravity does not concern her.
I protested her negligence by refusing to leave the dock.

During the December 11, 2023, hearing, she asked if my lawyer and the state counsel were ready to proceed. My lawyer asked for time to review the case file and that he had approached the accusers to withdraw the complaint. I furnished my lawyer evidence proving the person claimed to be dead texted me that he was sick and that police falsified the claim of accidental discharge. The state counsel did not call his witness forward.

Justice C.I Dafe, after neglecting my previous complaints stated that she finds my character at court deserving of a psychiatric evaluation, quoting the ACJA, and stating that in the absence of both lawyers presenting a case she wishes to question my character. I suspect she may be referring to my protest on October 30, 2023, as that was the only time I refused to leave the dock after she neglected my complaints. If she finds me being attacked worthy of psychiatric evaluation, I’d have to question all her previous Judgements involving psychiatric evaluations and her understanding of a victim compared to a mentally ill person.

The only activity I carried out at court on December 11, 2023, was asking a warder to inform the Registrars to provide her water because she coughed indicating choking while reading the Judgement that Discharged and Acquitted a gentleman named Chair-Na-Chair. The warder told me that during the Judgement readout, no one takes any action. I convinced the warder that if she chokes and dies, the Judgement would be terminated. The warder agreed and informed another warder to inform the Registrars to attend to the Judge so she would not choke. I also encouraged he gesture to the Registrars, the need for Justice C.I Dafe to be provided water. He kindly did. I thanked him for being kind admist his concern that the court demands calm during the Judgement readout.

I do not see this as an exhibition of contempt or wrongdoing so I’m confident that she was referring to my October 30, 2023, protest when she continually neglected my complaints that I’m being attacked while being tried. I’m yet to read the casefile or minutes of recent court sessions.

I asked she evaluate the Police officers who falsified a statement. I do not have a problem with evaluations but my complaint that I’m being attacked while being tried is not an exhibition of mental illness or contempt of court.

I know the Agbor Prison Psychiatrist. I may argue against all certificates he has issued given the wrong methodology of issuing a certificate of mental illness without actual psychiatric review (lawyers usually request it possibly to ease acquisition of bail, closure or resolution of the cases they’re handling), but I provided him my arguments proving I’m the victim when I met him “on his inquiry about why I was detained” to approve me receiving treatment for being attacked by gunmen before being arrested in similar attacks.

We became friends and I send him gifts. Dr.Elliot may not like my insistent character which he stated when I insisted that my lawyer be party to our discussion on me receiving medical care outside the prison for gunmen attacking me in a similar incident for which I’m wrongly being tried but he knows I’m OKAY. I refused to continue the discussion without my lawyer when I met Dr.Elliot.

The same lawyer who did wrong by collecting 350k naira for Dr.Elliot’s review and approval, and later claiming he wishes to spend just 25k naira was reported to Dr.Elliot in subsequent engagements with him during his visits to the Agbor Prison Warden. The lawyer is related to persons accusing me and wrongly brought by my supposed father Michael to help his intent of falsely accusing me for murder.

Dr.Elliot is the prison doctor but he’s also a psychiatrist.

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