How Police Officers framed me for Murder

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Delta State Police Command Asaba has at least 2 officers, Onyeama Nwaojigba and Blessing Edosa who are involved in framing innocent Nigerians for murder.

The methodology is someone breaking into your premises and asking for help.

They may target you after reviewing your kindness. If you’re someone who helps others their Frameup may rely on asking you for help.

The next step is the hospital asking you to get drugs for the person you helped instead of their nurses.

You should know that even if the person you helped is not bleeding, you’ll be accused of murder and accidental discharge when you go to the police station to make a report.

The Officers at the police station will likely lock the station gate knowing you’re on your way to make a report forcing you to park outside the police station. You may be attacked at the police station entrance.

The officers attending to you will suggest you declare an accidental discharge if you have a firearm without asking you what occured. If you refuse they will threaten you that you will be imprisoned for 10 years. If you are attended to by a strange police officer in a wooden table, out of place from the environment, be sure you’re being framed.

You will be transferred to the nearest state command if you’re not reporting to the state command. Officers involved in Murder Frameups like Onyeama Nwaojigba and Blessing Edosa will be waiting to falsifying your account of events.

The officers involved in framing innocent Nigerians like Onyeama Nwaojigba and Blessing Edosa will listen to your account and inform you against your will that they will prefer to write a bailable statement. You should observe and be careful at this point as they will likely assault, torture, drug or poison you and claim you signed their self-written false confessional statement.

I’ll share more on how Nigeria Police frames Nigerians for murder and how to stay safe while we hold Police accountable, but, you can read the story below on a Frameup by Agbor Police Command and Delta State Police Command Asaba.

Why am I being accused of the murder of Happy Uboh when I was in my gated premises on April 19, 2022, with my staff ?.

Business premises of Mouka Emmanuel

The reasons range from:

  • threats to stop my company’s operations or face death,
  • acquisition of land for expansion and death threats from seller,
  • my relationship with Police, SSS, others,
  • discharge at premises where nobody was exposed or hurt but some persons may wrongly have felt targeted, and,
  • the actions of a lawyer, Barr.Kalikwu, related to Happy Uboh who is claimed to be dead on the April 19, 2022, attack, the lawyer was recommended by Emmanuel, an electrician, who may have felt targeted in the discharge at my premises where nobody was exposed or hurt,
  • falsification of a statement by police officers investigating the incidents.

Aside from the reasons stated, it is impossible for the accusation of murder to occur at my premises on April 19, 2022. The gates are always locked. My staff and I did not grant entry. How would anyone gain lawful entry without me or my staff ?. It is not the first robbery or assassination complaint at the same premises.

Barr.Kalikwu, Happy Uboh(claimed to be dead) and Emmanuel, the electrician are related.

Barr.Kalikwu and police falsified a statement of an accidental discharge to allow police charge me wrongly for the murder of his relative Happy Uboh.

Robberies, assassination attempts before April 19, 2022

Continuous thefts, destruction to property, failure of security systems and continued sabotage of efforts to secure research site under construction led to frequent travels, weekly in some instances. Experienced stress like never before. 2021–2022

Weekly flights due to repeat thefts and attacks on property

Recurring thefts, noticeable robberies including theft of power generators, breaking and entry, theft of electrical materials already installed. Frustrated so had to invite Police to premises for a report. Report made to invited Officer with highlight of recurring events. 2022

Gate always locked but contracted staff and strange persons were unlawfully entering premises after/before operating hours. On multiple cases found persons claiming they forgot things or that they wanted to start work early. Warning given against unlawful entry due to thefts. 2022

Incidents factually identified as thefts, affected and susceptible items Receipts Solar system Safe damaged Safes Destroyed doors into private Areas TVs (unboxed and boxed) Cash Office equipment Security equipment Jewelry Confidential company & private assets. 2022

Apology from solar installer for stealing the solar system purchased from him by him, replacement provided after apology. Next the solar installers entered a locked room to rob me. A trail left exposed them, the solar installer threatened me with a gun at the next encounter. 2022

Next incident was an assassination attempt by persons with no clear cause or purpose after being threatened by the solar installer. Literally ran to school after the threat experienced, was scared for my life and regretted not joining the Police force as planned.

Solar installer apologized for all actions including a more recent incitement of confusion with an argument with electrical staff that the building would be burnt down because the wiring was not compatible with his wiring. I asked he stop doing such and took steps to protect my life, family, property and everyone by announcing to all staff both contracted and visiting persons that no entry was allowed unlawfully/illegally or uninvited into the premises regardless of circumstance. These were difficult times…

Afraid due to the nature of the attacks and confused because he kept apologizing after each action. Attempts to kill me saw me attacked by armed men who took action to assault and after loading firearms and making death threats. Was saved because…two persons intervened.

Threats to stop my company’s operations or face death through juju like a relative named Monday.

NNAI Ltd is registered with the CAC to provide security services in counter surveillance, anti signal jamming, artificial intelligence, research and other operations.

NNAI Agbor Office. Closed business at 3pm on April 19, 2022. My staff and I were at the office before I left. An attack and intrusion by unknown and unauthorised persons occurred after I left the office to the private section of my premises.

I received notice that I should cease operations or face the same fate a relative named Monday faced, which is death. On April 19, 2022, disregarding the threats to cease operations, I received equipments ordered to Asaba, Delta State.

Some of the items I went to Asaba on April 19, 2022, to pickup. Same day I’m accused of Murder in my gated premises.

I left Agbor to Asaba to pickup security equipments. Signal Jammers, Signal detection equipments and other security equipments were amongst recent items ordered to my new office location at Alihame, Agbor. I find it hard to cease operations from random threats until further orchestrations including the freak attack against my property on April 19, 2022, proved that whoever was determined to terminate my operations would go to great lengths including trying to kill me, framing me up for murder, continued attacks while I was detained and sabotaging my defense process. I acquire and invest in latest technology just like Monday, I planned to acquire radar systems which would put me ahead in security research but I still can’t understand why I would be threatened and targeted just like Monday was.

This is what I was told about how and why Monday was killed in a freak accident. Monday is a relative who acquired an automatic paint mixer at a place called Sapele where he deals in automobile paint. He is from Agbor and built a property in Agbor. Monday beat all competition after acquiring the paint mixer, other paint dealers could not compete as he had all colours for automobile painting. The notice was that his death was a result of his acquisition of new technology that frustrated the competing paint dealers in Sapele. I felt outraged that I’d be threatened in such form in the 21st century. Monday was killed by cows while visiting Agbor from Sapele. It would be funny if it didn’t involve death. Juju is a means to achieve freak outcomes such as what majority of Nigerians suffer. It is common news in Nigerian media to find freak accidents, deaths and difficult to explain situations. After warnings that I should cease my business operations, Juju was brought to my premises at night. They made their fetish sounds and incantations heard. They tried persuading me to leave the safety of the fenced area of my property to engage them at the newly acquired land which was being fenced. I refused for my safety. Monday was constructing a property at the time of the freak accident that led to his death. If I was not threatened and informed that Monday’s death was no accident but an attack for his innovation by competition or malicious persons, I would have accepted the notice that his death was an accident. I continued my business operations and experienced several armed attacks, food poisoning, freak accidents and eventually the attack on April 19, 2022, when a mysterious and unexplained attack occured at my gated premises which has seen me accused wrongly of murder by police that refused my accounts of what occured. I have put up a defense regardless of the threats and evident involvement of juju in the events.

Acquisition of land for expansion and death threats from seller.

Main premises | Newly acquired land for extension of main premises.

The limited space of my main premises is a security concern. Acquisition of a neighbouring land for expansion saw me threatened with death. While in police custody at Asaba, another attack occurred with property destroyed.

Bought a land at ₦15 million next to my “main premises shown above” for expansion. The seller, Mr.Mehmeh, a professor at Agbor University, Delta State, threatened I’d die like a popular man named Orikeze for insisting he remove his crops after a 2 week grace period.

Mr.Memeh, a professor at Agbor University threatened I’d die like Orikeze for refusing to pay 100k extra for cassava father purchasing a land for 15m naira from him. All death threats are being brought to light.

My conversations with Mr.Memeh, the land seller are available on Dropbox and Instagram.

I eventually paid ₦100,000 extra requested by him to avoid dying like Orikeze but hopefully he did not take the steps necessary to kill me or cause freak incidents as evident when Juju is used to attack someone.

Criminals gain easy entry due to the close proximity of the fence and buildings, and through some areas that are out of the CCTV view.

The initial offer for the newly acquired land extension was ₦6 million to ₦9 million with a sudden increment to ₦15 million which I accepted. He insisted i pay for cassava crop on the land costing ₦100,000. I created a pathway for my fence that damaged 10% of the crop and offered him ₦20,000 to cover the damage in the pathway while he harvests his crops before the 2 week period.

I’m hoping his threats are not part of the reasons I’m facing challenges such as being attacked repeatedly and being accused of murder when neither I, nor my staff, granted entry during the April 19, 2022, attack at my premises.

My relationship with Police, SSS, others, and it’s effect on locals.

I faced attacks in Ghana for rescuing a person I suspected to be dying during a random night trip at an isolated location. I had to insist the driver of the vehicle with the passenger who’d lost consciousness take the passenger to the nearest police station. He claimed the passenger boarded his vehicle and lost consciousness en-route and he parked at the isolated location unsure of what to do. It was dangerous and I risked my life insisting he take the passenger to the nearest police station. I brought officers to arrest him when he refused to act as I requested for the passenger’s safety. I was repeatedly attacked after this incident.

If the driver was a criminal, I did not stay to find out, the moment the police took charge of the unconscious passenger, I left.

My relationship with Ghana Police is great. I discovered that criminal entities are not thrilled about being made to do right in protection of the life of others not just in this incident but countless others. The Ghana Immigration Service is not an exception, I supported with investigations into Nigerians that fled while facing deportation at the Nigerian consulate Accra. I advised they approach the issue calmly than with a heightened threat level as the persons fled out of fear rather than criminality. My support saw relief and resolution of the issue.

My residence at Alihame, Agbor, receives police officers and other persons regularly, on February 12, 2022, I invited police officer Duke Amerika when I experienced robberies and assassination attempts.

I receive other officers from the police force and SSS on regular basis. Evidently there was a change in relations from most locals who may wrongly suspect I was a police officer when my plan was to join the police force in 2021/2022. I do not know the aversion to police by anyone but when negative persons eventually discovered strong police affiliation, criminal entities already exposed to me may feel worried which I suspect is a reason for a change in relations with the locals when my police contacts started engaging me at my Alihame business premises, the same scene where I was attacked and being wrongly accused of murder.

Discharge at premises where nobody was exposed or hurt.

I gave notice to all staff and visitors that entry into the premises uninvited or unescorted was forbidden. The reasons are continued robberies, assasination attempts, food poisoning, attempted electrocution through criminal placement of live wires at a metal door and several freak incidents. A firearm discharge is amongst these incidents.

As shown on the video above, two persons were conducting electrical works inside a section of the premises when they heard the sound of a firearm discharge. They and myself ran to the location of the incident and discovered a discharge occured. No one was at the location of the discharge. One of the electrical staff took pictures of the discharge and may have given persons that viewed it a wrong impression of the incident. Nigerians are terrible at explaining events that scare them, I published this video to clarify the incident and fact that no one was exposed to the discharge. The relevance of this topic is that one of the persons shown on the video is related to the lawyer, Barr.Kalikwu, who collaborated with police to falsify a statement and Happy Uboh, the person they claim to be dead. I wondered why the lawyer was acting against my interest and trying to imprison me with his actions. I asked who recommended the lawyer and I was informed that one of the persons in the video above recommended him to my family. Ironic ?. The lawyer’s negative actions finally made sense so I presented this video to him and explained the incident when his relative was at my premises but not at the location of the discharge and advised he cease from further wrongdoing. I’ve made the video available to prove my argument true that I would not expose anyone to harm in my premises and that no one was at risk during the time of the discharge.

Conflict between New age solar shop, Happy Uboh, and electrician, Emmanuel, about my premises being burnt down due to electrical faults.

New age solar shop staff and the electrical staff had a conflict when Happy Uboh stated that the premises would be burnt due to bad wiring by the electrical staff. The electrical staff argued against his claim and presented verifiable arguments proving that if there was a fire hazard it would be intentionally caused by New age solar shop staff. They had a heated argument involving multiple persons as witnesses. I restricted unescorted activities after these and other events. I found blood trails in private areas of the premises proving a New age solar shop staff had gained entry into unauthorized areas. I increased security measures, continually trusted police to assist and restricted entry into the premises prior to being accused of murder during an attack.

Happy Uboh(claimed to be dead), Emmanuel, the electrician(responded to a firearm discharge and may wrongly feel targeted even though he was not there as indicated in the video above), and Barr.Kalikwu(falsified a statement of accident discharge to allow police charge me for murder of Happy Uboh without providing information proving death or presenting witnesses) are related.

Barr.Goodluck Kalikwu — falsified a statement of an accidental discharge against his relative Happy Uboh

Barr.Goodluck Kalikwu – image from WhatsApp

Barr.Goodluck Kalikwu, pictured above is related to Happy Uboh, the New age solar shop staff claimed to be dead(I’ve received insufficient and conflicting information, I’m arguing that no death occured and that I’m the target of repeat attacks which were reported to police). He is also related to Emmanuel, the electrical staff featured in the video depicting a discharge where no one was exposed or hurt. Emmanuel, the electrician, his coworker and myself and others responded to the discharge. Barr.Kalikwu may be acting out of malice if he was informed or convinced that his relative Emmanuel, the electrician, was exposed to a firearm discharge at my premises. The disturbing coincidence that he is also related to Happy Uboh, who is claimed to be dead during the April 19, 2022, attack at same premises is equally unexciting. I gave him a detailed account of all that occured, I never stated and never would I ever state that an accident discharge occured. He decided to collaborate with police to write and falsify a claim of an accidental discharge against his relative Happy Uboh. The false claim is what police used to charge me for murder.

Falsification of a statement by police officers investigating the incidents.

Officers Onyeama and blessing continually communicated with the persons accusing me. They informed me that a withdrawal was expected but I argued that the statement they present was falsified and they were not providing proof that the person they claim to be dead, was dead.

They were also refusing to investigate the repeat robberies and assassination attempts against me. I eventually stopped tolerating their friendship because they were not willing to act on my release and protection of my life from the people attacking me. When Yakubu, O/C Homicide, Asaba police command, asked me what occurred,

Hunting licensed issued by Police

I told him that I’m a licensed game Hunter and gave some information about freak attacks and incidents at my premises.

He instructed Onyeama to receive my statement. Onyeama and blessing resorted to torture when trying to take my statement. I refused and insisted just like at Agbor police command, that I would not give a statement without my lawyer present. My father brought Barr.Kalikwu, a relative to Happy Uboh, the person they claim to be dead. I was expecting my lawyers, I did not ask my father to bring a lawyer. Barr.Kalikwu and police orchestrated the false claim of an accidental discharge to charge me for murder of his relative Happy Uboh.

The police have no witness or evidence to support the accusation so the only way to charge me was falsification of a confession stating an accidental discharge.

I compiled my own statement with evidence independent of the falsification by police and presented it to the police, NHRC and the Chief Judge of Delta state judiciary through the warder In-Charge of Agbor prison. Officers Onyeama and blessing are informed of the facts and stated they are working towards my release but continually try to avoid resolving my complaints. My conversations with Onyeama are available.

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