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I appeared before Umunede high court in Leg chains against my protest of which the prison later switched to hand cuffs. The Judge, Justice Dafe, complained about my outfit. I was dressed in long sleeves and trousers from TM Lewin or Charles Tyrwhitt, a suit and cuff links. I wore a face mask and speak English with proficiency. What was bad about my outfit ?. I don’t know why Justice Dafe did not grant bail on multiple occasions when the time I’d spent detained spanned a year. I have informed her on multiple occasions that I’m the victim and instructed Barr.Ehiedu to admit the facts as evidence which Barr.Ehiedu did not do.

On May 25, 2022, I was brought before Alihame Magistrates court Agbor, the court stated the request by police was “not legal”, the clerks seemed to be aware that the intent of police to charge me for murder was ridiculous from their demeanour. Barr.Osifo recommended by Lex Divina law firm Asaba represented me. The controversial lawyer, Barr.Goodluck Kalikwu presented himself late. I earlier asked Barr.Kalikwu to disengage from the matter at Asaba police command when he orchestrated the false statement and contrary to his justification for presenting a false statement alongside the police did not act on my bail. He claimed he and the police were creating a “bailable” statement against my consent. Barr.Aliu, my lawyer, arrived from Lagos and was informed to take over the issue and resolve any wrongdoing by Barr.Kalikwu.

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  • On April 19, 2022, I went to Asaba to pickup items ordered from konga. Happy Uboh texted me that he was sick. I told him that I'll close at 3pm. I picked up the items and returned to Agbor before 3pm. My staff welcomed me and we closed at 3pm. The last staff was Emmanuel who asked we continue construction which I refused because I had another schedule at 3pm. When happy Uboh broke into my gated premises after 3pm, my staff also named Happy and myself were the only persons in the premises. When I found happy Uboh after his break in, I asked him how he got in. He apologized and asked for help. I went out and called neighbours to help, a laundry man named bright helped. There was no blood at my premises, my vehicle or the hospital. Police criminally claim he was shot and falsified a confessional statement to support their criminal claim. Happy Uboh had no visible injury on his body, was not bleeding and I did not witness his death. I also have not seen his dead body admist the criminal claim that he is dead.
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Barr.Kalikwu continued to act negatively, I engaged Sani Katu SAN of Mamman Nasir & Co. Law firm in Kaduna and Abuja. They were to represent me at court and took an 8 page statement while I was held at Agbor prison but did not represent me at court as paid for.

First appearance at Umunede High Court

I appeared before Umunede court in Leg chains against my protest of which the prison later switched to hand cuffs. I already questioned Barr.Kalikwu as to why he would wish to falsify a statement and connive with the prison Doctor, named Dr.Elliot whom I later met and informed that I had no arrangement regarding an evaluation with Barr.Kalikwu but paid 300,000 Naira to have him, Dr.Elliot approve my personal doctors attending to me for the assault by armed men I suffered at my premises. Barr.Kalikwu may have paid Dr.Elliot 25,000 Naira and is yet to refund my money paid for services he did not render. Barr.Kalikwu informed me that Dr.Elliot would not issue a medical report as I refused to provide my name in the absence of my Lawyer and refused to receive medical attention from anyone but my personal doctors. I presented copies of the facts when compiled to Dr.Elliot as he outrightly asked me if I killed someone which I immediately refuted. I was surprised as to how a doctor would be informed of the accusation against me when I requested he provide authorisation for my personal doctors to attend to me. He continues to visit the prison but I’m yet to know the actions he’s undertaken. I’ll review the case file soon enough. It would be unfortunate if Barr.Kalikwu tried to present me as mentally ill after falsifying a statement and acting contrary to the medical arrangement.

The Judge, Justice Dafe, complained about my outfit. I was dressed in long sleeves and trousers from TM Lewin or Charles Tyrwhitt, a suit and cuff links. I wore a face mask and speak English with proficiency. What was bad about my outfit ?. I looked like a lawyer but that’s how every businessman dresses. I run a company in Agbor, how else would I dress when that’s how I dress everyday.

Justice Dafe may not like me, I’m not sure why but I’d guess none of the Judges are used to confident persons. Most persons they meet may be repentant, remorseful or scared. I’m confident, energetic and complaining about human rights abuses. I do not mean to be rude but I have no choice but to make my voice heard in my complaint that Police falsified a statement, took money for bail, tortured and sexually abused me and other complaints. I cannot stand in a dock(which I find uncomfortable compared to sitting) happily or calmly while I had been detained for over 5 months when I first met Justice Dafe. I was angry. I did bow so I recognised her authority over her court. The state counsel lectured me on not addressing Justice Dafe as “Your honor”, insisting I address her as “my lord”. So, My Lord, Justice Dafe, may not like me. I hope she sees that I’m a victim and deserving of assistance. I’m respected and loved by everyone, I don’t treat people how I’ve been treated during this absurd accusation so I find the actions of negative persons wrong and criminal.

Pride, prestige, respect, I know what these are but I’ve found that in Delta state, people interprete these things differently. The criteria for what can be considered respectful is truth. I say the truth and I expect persons affected to never feel disrespected. How can the truth ever be an insult ?. This concern is reflected in how lots of persons claim I insult them while I’m saying and doing what is truthful and what is right ?. I can’t yield to oppression or suffer inconvenience to please others. I can sacrifice a lot to help others but I’d not let myself be abused or oppressed.

I don’t know why Justice Dafe did not grant bail on multiple occasions. When the time I’d spent detained spanned a year, I have sought to inform her that the recommendation for bail in ACJA, Section 161, states that she can grant bail under exceptional circumstances such as (2)(a) ill health… (b) extraordinary delay…exceeding one year. © at her discretion. My situation fulfils all criteria. I was assaulted with an object suspected to be a gun during one of these attacks prior to the April 19, 2022, attack where I’m being wrongly accused of murder. I am yet to receive medical care which can best be provided by my doctors. The equipments needed for tests and treatment of such an assault at not available within the prison or general hospitals. I made reservation at a qualified medical institution, Synapse Services, on 30th June, 2022. I am expected to receive assessment, tests and treatment.

First Prosecution Witness (not a witness)

On March 6, 2023, The prosecution, Barr.F.O. Isichie, called 1 witness of 3, on , the witness stated he is not a witness and claims to know me. Barr.Ehiedu representing me stated “I win” after interviewing the witness and confirming the accusation was hear say. It has been 1 year and 1 month since May 25, 2022 when I was arraigned. The delay is extraordinary in nature and gives reason for the court to grant bail alongside the exceptional circumstance of ill health. In addition to the authority of Justice Dafe to grant bail at her discretion, these conditions supplement my request that the court grant bail and review my arguments being presented as a motion to stop the trial if it is still ongoing in the absence of witnesses or evidence. I have asked both Justice Dafe and the Chief Judge, Delta State, Justice Diai, to kindly grant bail while I present my motions and arguments contesting the case file and the falsification by the Police.

I sought the assistance of the court clerks at Umunede High Court during an appearance as I was unrepresented and refused to give a plea until I got Barr.Seyi to represent me whom I eventually relieved due to engagement of a Barr.F.F who refused to give the meaning of the initials, I suspect it may be Femi Falana SAN but there is no information to indicate that. Ironically, I recently sought to contact and engage Femi Falana SAN. A court clerk named Samuel was kind enough to listen to my complaints about falsification of a statement, engaging Sani Katu SAN and being unrepresented and the casefile being falsified. I presented the facts for him to admit to the court and present to the Judge, Justice Dafe, for her review and discharge of the case before the court on grounds of being falsified. The Registrar, Samuel, introduced a lawyer Barr.Ehiedu who received further copies of the documents and instructions to admit it as evidence to the court but yet again refused. I also funded Barr.Ehiedu’s engagement of the Ministry of Justice, Asaba, Delta State, with the facts for a discharge of the matter by the Attorney-General of Delta State, he refused to return feedback. I received several assurance during court sessions where bail was reviewed without a progression of the trial that the matter had been closed and they were expecting a document from the Ministry of Justice, Asaba, to secure my release until I had to be taken back to the prison on multiple occasions. I got fed up with both Registrar and Barr.Ehiedu who kept giving excuses and complained to them and other parties. Both parties did not give reasons for their continued insults while receiving money and refusing to carry out the instructions both to Barr.Ehiedu as a lawyer and Registrar, Samuel, as a staff of Umunede High Court.

I was informed at my next court date that a Judge was retiring and the court would not sit. The next adjourned date was a Salah holiday. I did not receive a new adjourned date due to claimed that the Judge, Justice Dafe, was attending to Election Tribunal duties outside Delta State. I continually requested the casefile for review with a notice that the Judge is with the casefile. I find it strange that the Judge would travel with a casefile but I do not know how that works but reasonably a court should have the casefile available to provide CTCs(certified true copies) to requesting persons. Registrar, Samuel, notified me he had obtained the CTC from the Judge, Justice Dafe, to make copies available but I’ve indicated that absence of original copies of a casefile is questionable in any matter. If there’s any wrongdoing — I won’t tolerate it. I’m already complaining about Barr.Ehiedu’s refusal to act as instructed in an ongoing trial and the notice that ‘i won” yet a refusal to explain if the case was closed and an acquittal obtained.

A particular man, reasonably a lawyer, distracted me after Barr.Ehiedu said “I won”, he drew my attention and sought to have an argument distracting me from observing the Judge, Justice Dafe or being aware if any notice was given to me by the Judge. The man kept insisting I raise a finger if I desire to speak which I find unusual. My response to him was he should respect the calm required in a court and stop the noise making.

On October 30, 2023 was the next court date after the previous sitting on March 6, 2023. The span from my last court appearance till the October 30, 2023, appearance is 8 months. Elections, cash crunch protests and high court vacation took at least 6 months. The other 2 months were claims of the Judge travelling and attending to Election tribunal duties.

The Chief Judge of Delta State, Justice Theresa Diai, gave assurances that the matter is resolved when I spoke to her before October 30, 2023, through the In-Charge Agbor Prison, Mr.Joe Akaraiwe Oni. I informed her I’d be admitting evidence indicating I’m still being attacked by same gang of assassins and armed robbers while being accused for murder by same persons attacking me.

Second witness unable to testify due to giving birth, adjourned to Nov 20, 22, argument about self representation and continued attacks at my premises.

The State Counsel Barr.F.O Isichie, stated that the next witness who would likely be Happiness Odibei gave birth and could not attend court. I extended my congratulations and he requested for an adjournment to November 20, 2023. Justice C.I Dafe puts up an attitude when engaging me. She has previously indicated my outfit of a suit is interpreted as a mad person’s outfit. I wore the same to court on October 30, 2023. She kept the stern unfriendly attitude.

I sought audience to tender my complaints and admit evidence clarify the need to stop the progression of the falsified and basely case, issue warrants for arrests of persons attacking me before, on April 19, 2023, and after April 19, 2023, when I was already unlawfully detained. She insisted that my lawyer be present which I find ridiculous. I should be able to represent myself at an court.

(6) Every person who is charged with a criminal offence shall be entitled to –
(c) defend himself in person or by legal practitioners of his own choice;

Section 36 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Section 36(6)(c) of The Constitution Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria states that I can defend myself in person or by legal practitioners of my own choice. I elected to speak for myself but Justice C.I Dafe wrongly and unlawfully insists my lawyer be available while adjourning the case to November 20, 2023, without my consultation. I’ve complained the normal Deltan culture of persons in authority wrongly assuming defendants, suspects or persons engaging them for services have no say cannot apply to me or educated persons who know their rights. I refused to leave the Dock in protest while she continued her session. She allowed the next case defendants to enter the dock without attending to my complaints while I insisted they’d have to carry me out of the dock as acknowledgement of the wrong and unheard of practice of assuming defendants are not literate in legal matters. My father’s intervention in light of pending discussions which will be updated in the post My supposed father’s attempts to imprison me for life was the only reason I eventually left the dock. We had a conversation where he assured he’s not vested in imprisoning me for a baseless suspicion and would return my vehicle to police which is evidence enough of the impossibility of the ridiculous accusation of shooting an intruder at my premises. There was no blood on my vehicle.

Justice C.I Dafe enquiry that my protest at being attacked exhibits insanity. While detained my property has been attacked by same people accusing me falsely for murder during an attack.

After the court session, a warder spoke to me about his conversation with Justice C.I Dafe at her office. She interpreted my lawful protest as insanity and made enquiries from the prison staff. I have had altercations with the prison for several reasonable reasons. If Justice C.I Dafe interpretes my complaints that while she is trying me for a false murder charge, people are attacking my premises with impunity and my request for admission of evidence proving the case is falsified and that the attacks are still ongoing as insanity then I’d have to question her knowledge of psychiatry. I’m sure she is no professional but seeking protection from armed robbers and assassins, prosecution for their attacks and acquittal from a false murder charge is no indication of insanity.

I informed the warder the historical altercations when the prison refused to return me to the Magistrates court while detaining me on an unlawful holding charge, the prisons notice that a lawyer I had relived would represent me at court and my insistence that I appear to inform the court that i have relived him with a refusal claiming the case was at an early stage where the lawyer represents the client in absentia which I contested as unreasonable. The In-Charge Mr.Ezeogwu Franklin notice that he’d shoot me and my response that he can’t. Oppression by my father, family and the persons attacking me, my status as a student at a reputable university, my business in security and private investigations and the reasonable nature of my prayers which Justice C.I Dafe refused to grant. He maintained I’m sane and reasonable at the end of our discussion with offers of recommendations which I’ve stated I may not avail given they’d require me agreeing to being declared insane to receive speedy solutions to a false accusation. I am confident without desperation I’ll resolved and relieve myself of this absurd accusation asap.

Justice C.I Dafe’s wrong request for psychiatric evaluation due to my protest that she is trying me while I’m being attacked rather than receiving my complaint and ordering arrest and investigation in a matter related to why I’m wrongly being tried

Justice C.I Dafe, wrongly, after my protest of not leaving the dock for her refusal to protect my life while she is trying me for a matter related to the previous and continued attacks, wishes to evaluate my mental state. She may not know the difference between a victim of repeat attacks and a mentally ill person.

While Judges may not be everyday law enforcement officers, they receive sufficient training to receive complaints and act against the offenders. I am arguing that even if the complaint is not presented at a time when I’m being interviewed by the Judge, or, through formal notices by my lawyer, a Judge can receive a complaint and act on it depending on the urgency. I spoke in loud and clear English which the state counsel Barr.F.O Isichie understood but Justice C.I Dafe choose to ignore my complaints.

The events of December 11, 2023, at Umunede high court where Justice C.I Dafe wrongly wishes to evaluate me for complaining about repeat attacks is written in the post below:

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