Report to Police Complaint Response Unit (CRU)

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I contacted Nigeria Police Force Complaint Response Unit for the second time on January 8, 2024.

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  • On April 19, 2022, I went to Asaba to pickup items ordered from konga. Happy Uboh texted me that he was sick. I told him that I'll close at 3pm. I picked up the items and returned to Agbor before 3pm. My staff welcomed me and we closed at 3pm. The last staff was Emmanuel who asked we continue construction which I refused because I had another schedule at 3pm. When happy Uboh broke into my gated premises after 3pm, my staff also named Happy and myself were the only persons in the premises. When I found happy Uboh after his break in, I asked him how he got in. He apologized and asked for help. I went out and called neighbours to help, a laundry man named bright helped. There was no blood at my premises, my vehicle or the hospital. Police criminally claim he was shot and falsified a confessional statement to support their criminal claim. Happy Uboh had no visible injury on his body, was not bleeding and I did not witness his death. I also have not seen his dead body admist the criminal claim that he is dead.
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NPF CRU receives and resolves complaints against Police according to it’s public mission.

NPF-CRU is available 24/7 to receive and resolve complaints of police misconduct from all parts of Nigeria 🇳🇬.
All cases MUST have DATE, TIME and PLACE of occurrence.
Call: 08057000001, 08057000002
SMS/WhatsApp: 08057000003
Twitter: @PoliceNG_CRU

Twitter: @PoliceNG_CRU

Report to Police CRU

My complaint through WhatsApp against Delta State Police Command Officers, Onyeama Nwaojigba and Blessing Edosa for receiving 1m naira bail and extorting 1,750,000 naira is available on WChat below.

Police CRU Response

I got an sms from a Police CRU Officer.

I called and explained about the 1m naira bail paid to officers Onyeama Nwaojigba and Blessing Edosa. I also explained about the 1,750,000 naira extortion. I asked he also review the falsification of statement given I’m the complainant and went to the station to report a crime against me at my private residence.

The Police CRU Officer asked if I was presented a complainant which I replied NO. I told him I went to the station myself after an attack at my property to report a crime and was tortured and detained. I refused to give the false account they tried to impose on me at Agbor Police Area Command.

The officer stated that the matter was not properly investigated. He stated the procedure of me being accused while being a complainant is wrong. He asked about the status of the matter, I told him the matter was brought before court with a false and impossible accusation. I also told him the DPO at Agbor Police Area Command has malice against me because I said he should not arrest my brother for complaining about an inadequate agent fee for a land I purchased. Agbor police area command officers tortured me on my arrival to report a crime without knowing what I came to report.

Next, the officer asked about proof of the 500,000 from the total of 1m naira for bail. I attached only 1 receipt for 500,000 naira to Blessing Edosa. The first 500,000 naira was paid through my lawyer at Delta State Police Asaba custody. I told him my lawyer handled that payment and the officers confirmed receipt. He asked for my lawyer’s contact which I sent to him after calling Barr.Hope Aliu to inform he expect contact and attest to the 1m naira bail agreement which would allow me collect evidence from all the attacks and present at Delta State Police Command Asaba. The detainment when I’m the victim prevented me from presenting my complaints and having the criminals arrested including Happy Uboh who attacked my property on April 19, 2022, and the other attackers on May 15, 2022 and previous attackers such as my report to Agbor Police on February 12, 2022.

I’ll be following up action by Police CRU and sharing the updates.

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