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July 29, 2024 – next appearance

Next appearance

July 8, 2024 – Umunede High Court

Trial within Trial at Umunede High Court. While waiting for a reinvestigation, the state counsel has stated that the order may come from the Attorney General after the Trial within Trial. I hope and am working towards being able to present my complaints and evidence without it being a false statement written by Police. I am working with lots of persons and organizations towards proving I’m a victim and should be given the right to complain to police. I will work with these advises and present my story and vindication in accordance.

June 17, 2024 – Salah Holiday

May 20, 2024 – Umunede High Court

Trial within trial regarding Mouka Emmanuel’s statement. Officer Blessing Edosa admitted she wrote the confessional statement herself because Mouka Emmanuel cannot write. This is a lie. Mouka Emmanuel runs a registered business and is a student at a University.

March 25, 2024 – Umunede High Court

The second witness Tony Glory PW2 gave her accounts. She stated she is not an eye witness to the false accusation against me.

January 29, 2024 – medical evaluation

December 11, 2023 – Umunede high court

I saw the second accuser, Happiness, who was slated to testify walk past me before the court session. I was notified that she gave birth earlier. I asked a warder if that was her and approached her to congratulate her. I have not spoken to them directly until today.

She stated I killed her brother, I was quick to answer that I did not. I informed her that her brother Happy Uboh, texted me that he was sick. I helped after finding him in my premises shortly after the notice that he was sick.

I told her I will successfully argue and prove I did not kill Happy Uboh which would lead to her and the other accusers dropping their suspicion and complaint of murder.

I said Hi to the mother and wish them well. The baby is cute. Carried by the mother.

The Judge, Justice C.I Dafe, asked if the state counsel is withdrawing or if we’re progressing. My lawyer asked for time to review the case file and engage the accusers for a withdrawal. The state counsel did not take action on presenting his witness. He may be aware of the withdrawal effort ongoing.

Justice C.I Dafe cited the ACJA that my regular complaint at court that she is trying me “while I’m being attacked, when I reported previous attacks to police, while my statement was falsified by police” is a form of disturbance warranting psychiatric evaluation. I disagree but if an evaluation will be carried out, I’ve informed her Officers Onyeama, Blessing, the entirety of officers involved should also be psychiatrically evaluated.

I will insist on their psychiatric evaluation if I’m evaluated. I don’t mind evaluations but they should be subjected to it too for the act of falsifying a confessional statement.

November 20, 2023 – Umunede High Court Appearance

The witness was not present, neither was my lawyer. I again mentioned the recurring attacks while being accused to the court, the state prosecution. The state prosecutor assured he’d help dissuade continuing attacks. He also advised report to police which I’ve stated I did and will. It’s one of my simple arguments that before April 19, 2022, I was attacked and reported to police. On April 19, 2022, what occured was a similar attack, after April 19, 2022, while in police custody, another attack occured. I cannot be accused of a crime or held criminally liable for helping someone who broke into my premises during these series of repeat attacks. I appreciated the state counsels notice he’d take action to help and I’m trusting my lawyers to prepare the entirety of my arguments before December 11, 2023, the next adjourned date including petitions, lawsuits and fundamental human rights suit and publicity. I’ll also review the withdrawal proposal Barr. Agholor has been kind enough to notify me of.

October 30, 2023 – Umunede High Court Appearance

Barr.Isichie, State Counsel, stated that the second witness who is also not a witness to the attack at my property could not appear in court due to giving birth. I’ve extended my congratulations and notified the Judge, Justice Dafe, that I was continually attacked while in police custody. My lawyer was not present but I requested an audience with the Judge, which she seemed reluctant to grant insisting I make my lawyer available and that the state counsel should present the second witness. I believe I can admit evidence with or without a lawyer but I’ll be doing so through my lawyers whom I’m expecting this week. I refused to leave the dock when she adjourned the matter to November 20, 2023. I insisted she acknowledge my verbal complaint and evidence I’m presenting to contest the false accusation of murder. I left on my father’s request and notified her I’d protests any unfair attendance to the matter given I’m innocent. Section 36(6)(c) states the right to represent yourself by yourself or through your choosen representation is a constitutional right. Justice Dafe of Umunede High Court may be preventing people from exercising their constitutional rights. I confirmed the constitutional provision after the court appearance but my refusal to leave the dock was the right action given the refusal of the court to accord the right to self representation to persons appearing before it.

October 16, 2023 — Umunede High Court Resumption

Inquiry at records, Agbor prison, previous adjournments were written in ink with at least 3 past adjournments for official court duties. Likely from May till October 2023. I’ve insisted my court appearance should be the first given my innocence and delay. The prison states they’re expecting a court date today.

May 15, 2023 , Umunede High Court, Umunede

Court adjourned. Did not sit or other excuse. Made enquiries after this court date.

March 6, 2023 , Umunede High Court, Umunede

witness (PW1) gave account of how he was told, he stated he was not a witness and falsely claim to know me. I don’t know witness PW1. I’ll likely look at him to know if he’s one of the historic attackers. Barr. Ehiedu representing me asked if he was a witness, he said no, also asked if he knew me, he said yes, I do not know him. Barr.Ehiedu stated “I win” after these questions.

April 24, 2023

Salah holiday notice

April 18, 2023 , Agbor Prison

Chief Judge jail delivery, notice to chief judge, umunede high court judge, that event was assassination and robbery and they should be kind to assure closure of case. Response from chief judge was she’d speak to DPP.

April 3, 2023

claim of Judge retiring

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