Release efforts through Ministry of Justice

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Release efforts through Ministry of Justice : Murder allegation against Mouka Emmanuel

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  • On April 19, 2022, I went to Asaba to pickup items ordered from konga. Happy Uboh texted me that he was sick. I told him that I'll close at 3pm. I picked up the items and returned to Agbor before 3pm. My staff welcomed me and we closed at 3pm. The last staff was Emmanuel who asked we continue construction which I refused because I had another schedule at 3pm. When happy Uboh broke into my gated premises after 3pm, my staff also named Happy and myself were the only persons in the premises. When I found happy Uboh after his break in, I asked him how he got in. He apologized and asked for help. I went out and called neighbours to help, a laundry man named bright helped. There was no blood at my premises, my vehicle or the hospital. Police criminally claim he was shot and falsified a confessional statement to support their criminal claim. Happy Uboh had no visible injury on his body, was not bleeding and I did not witness his death. I also have not seen his dead body admist the criminal claim that he is dead.
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Barr. F.O Isichie is the state counsel assigned to the case by the Ministry of Justice. I met him during my first appearances at Umunede high court, Umunede. I engaged him and informed I’d send facts of the matter to him with evidence proving the state has nothing to prosecute. I did through the Keeper, Agbor Prison and my brothers, Samuel and Tino. He still opposed my bail and other efforts without cause or justification. I’ve spoken to him to drop the charge and he insists on a withdrawal without reason. The Ministry of Justice cannot prosecute the victim of robbery and assassination attempts.

Barr. F.O Isichie, State Counsel, Ministry Of Justice

Barr. F.O. Isichie, a seeming God fearing gentleman given his regular references to God in his speech and his WhatsApp profile bearing references to God, is the State counsel assigned to the case by the Ministry of Justice.

He is from Agbor Zone of the Ministry of Justice, Delta State. I’ve helped several persons who are also being prosecuted by him or possibly defended but I’d argue prosecution given they’re accused. A gentleman named Ogbe who claims the Obiaruku Bar and Agbor Bar are vested in his imprisonment unlawfully is being prosecuted by him. I’ve vested efforts to help him attain freedom regardless of the possible conspiracy to keep him imprisoned.

I have spoken to Barr. F.O. Isichie on multiple occasions, I emphasized my innocence as the reason for engagement and sent him these documents proving my innocence:

I sent a document address to Barr.F.O. Isichie, Ministry of Justice, as an official petition to him requesting he drop the charge on the basis of being deceitful, ridiculous, outrageous and accusatory to the victim of the attack in my own private premises. The letter i sent him is attached below.

Spoke to Barr.F.O Isichie, State Counsel, today, Dec 9, 2023. He states he was informed by DPP ‘s opinion to prosecute the case. I read the opinion, it does not state a charge or accuse me of a crime.

I informed him I have made continual efforts to inform him early before admitting evidence and counter-arguments against police falsification. I also informed him I have evidence that Happy Uboh was sick from his text messages to me on the same day before breaking into my premises.

Evidence Happy Uboh was sick before asking for my help after breaking into my premises

These evidences contradict the claim of being shot which was written by police themselves as a falsified statement.

Barr.Isichie states he does not have investigative powers or power to receive my arguments, he argues that DPP does. I already sent him multiple copies of my arguments and I would argue that he has capacity to know the truth so as not to prosecute the victim of a robbery and assassination attempt wrongly.

I’ve asked him to provide the contacts of whoever has authority to review the facts before I admit them to the case at court. I’ll follow up on he doing that.

I also informed him that barr.agholor has stated a willingness by the complainants to withdraw in which Barr.Isichie states the complainants should reach him if they’re willing to withdraw. I expect barr.agholor to conclude that arrangement if they’re withdrawing while I’m insisting he should review my arguments early before I admit them into the case as evidence.

State Attorney-General, Isaiah Bozimo SAN

I sent the mail below to the State Attorney-General Isaiah Bozimo SAN asking he review the evidence and dismiss the charge. I have not followed up receipt.

Part 1 of 2 – mail to Isaiah Bozimo SAN, State Attorney-General, Delta State
Part 2 of 2 – mail to Isaiah Bozimo SAN, State Attorney-General, Delta State

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