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– Linda Ikeji Blog Article on Police Murder Frameup and refusal to investigate repeat attacks while in their custody.

I contacted several blogs and papers in Nigeria to share the original story about the April 19, 2022, attack at my private, gated, premises. These blogs requested official notice from my lawyer due to the matter being before court. I plan to present official notices from my lawyer and copies of petitions and lawsuits.

I decided to share a matter that happened after I was unlawfully arrested. “The May 15, 2022, attack while I was in Delta State Police custody Asaba by same persons who attacked me on April 19, 2022, for which i was arrested while reporting at Agbor Police Command”. I contacted Linda Ikeji Blog and presented the story and evidence.

Linda Ikeji blog public phone number gave their quotes on contact, “Website 200k, Instagram 200k. Facebook 150,000 Twitter 150,000”. I choose all platforms for a 600k naira deal.

I informed Linda Ikeji Blog that I would share our conversations regardless of our engagements outcome.

I was given the contact number for Gbemi, the Linda Ikeji Blog editor. I called him and argued for days that he should cover the story that police framed me and that while in police custody, they again attacked my property. He eventually agreed and reviewed the evidence.

I presented the summary, and the podcast at I told him the reason for publicity, “petitioning the Nigeria Police Force and Delta State Police Command to investigate the attack on may 15, 2022, while in their custody and other attacks”.

The attack on may 15, 2022, is not before court so police cannot claim that the court should decide on that attack (I informed Justice C.I. Dafe about the attacks but she wants to evaluate me for refusing to leave the dock when she refused to order an investigation and arrest. I may sue and petition her if necessary).

Gbemi stated that he contacted Delta State Police Command PPRO and he was informed they contacted Agbor Police Command and I wasn’t held there. He also stated that Delta State Police Command did not wish to comment on a matter before court. I told Gbemi that the May 15, 2022, attack is not before court as Officers Onyeama Nwaojigba and Blessing Edosa refused to acknowledge or investigate it. I also told him that they collected 1 million naira for bail and solicited 1,750,000 naira as gifts. Can the Delta State Police Command or Police Headquarters keep silent about repeat attacks against someone in their custody, bail extortion, and extortion?. Definitely No.

I’ve sent Linda Ikeji Blog proof of the may 15, 2022, attack, and the fact that I’m insisting police investigate the matter starting from the may 15, 2022, attack which is not before court. Bail extortion and extortion are also not before court. Police must review the wrongdoing of it’s officers and the criminals who continually attacked me and still accuse me of a crime. It is shameful to the Nigeria Police Force, for my property to be attacked while in their custody, when they detained me for a similar attack.

I have petitioned and may be suing the Nigeria Police Force and persons attacking and accusing me falsely.

The Linda Ikeji Blog Article is posted on the Link below

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