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At least 4 attacks ...
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At least 4 attacks have not been investigated

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At least 4 attacks happened at my premises in 2021 and 2022. I reported to police before April 19, 2022, and was in police custody on the May 15, 2022, attack.
None of these attacks have been investigated or reported to court.
I do not have a personal grudge against Happy Uboh or anyone but I'm wrongly accused of shooting him when In reality he told me he was sick and needed medical attention.
I was attacked while reporting to police same day and framed for murder.
I have made an effort to inform the people accusing me, the ministry of justice and the police force of facts.
I am simply trying to prove I'm the target of multiple attacks in my private premises, I did not and would not attack happy uboh.
The evidence I'm presenting discredits the lie that I welcomed him and shot him. I was not alone on April 19, 2022. My staff did not open the gate, neither did I.
I'm informing the police, the family of happy uboh and other persons of these facts and asking they verify it for a peaceful resolution.
I'm also restructuring my approach to focus on proving I was repeatedly robbed and targeted for assassination at my premises.

Posted : 21/06/2024 11:22 am