Toplaw chambers & me (bad lawfirm)

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The lunatics tampering my posts and encouraging some idiots such as lawyers I’ve engaged or police to do wrong tampered this post to remove complaints against Barr.emenike after disengaging him. I’m publishing the complaints regardless.

I saw Toplaw’s profile on TikTok, he presents himself as energetic and actionable. I’ve engaged him at a cost of 2m naira for mediation & representation. Unlike his energetic social media profile, he’s slow to respond to messages, His social media presentation is a facade hiding a lazy, unprofessional lawyer. Toplaw’s response is that he sues persons who defame him. Toplaw could not get the CTC of the case at Umunede high court. He brought documents unrelated to me and claimed some of the documents were in his car. I asked he ensure the documents were complete at his next visit.
On January 13, 2024, Barr.Emenike visited Agbor Prison with incomplete and unrelated document again. He claimed the court did not provide him the complete documents without reason. He feigned naivety in stating that the court should provide the complete and accurate document but did not to him and he was not professional enough to get the complete and accurate CTC before presenting it to me.
I asked for the cost of petitioning and motions, Barr.Emenike criminally charged 3.5m naira after charging 2m naira for mediation and withdrawal which he has not carried out.
I’ve disengage his services and asked he refund immediately with he arguing that he does not understand my complaints. I’ve repeated my complaints to him that if he cannot acquire a CTC from court then I cannot trust him to represent me.


I saw Toplaw’s profile on TikTok. Barr.Emenike was giving speeches on law and possible human rights defense. I contacted him sometime after which turned out to be a bad decision. Toplaw is not a professional or capable firm. Avoid this firm.

  • Podcast

  • On April 19, 2022, I went to Asaba to pickup items ordered from konga. Happy Uboh texted me that he was sick. I told him that I'll close at 3pm. I picked up the items and returned to Agbor before 3pm. My staff welcomed me and we closed at 3pm. The last staff was Emmanuel who asked we continue construction which I refused because I had another schedule at 3pm. When happy Uboh broke into my gated premises after 3pm, my staff also named Happy and myself were the only persons in the premises. When I found happy Uboh after his break in, I asked him how he got in. He apologized and asked for help. I went out and called neighbours to help, a laundry man named bright helped. There was no blood at my premises, my vehicle or the hospital. Police criminally claim he was shot and falsified a confessional statement to support their criminal claim. Happy Uboh had no visible injury on his body, was not bleeding and I did not witness his death. I also have not seen his dead body admist the criminal claim that he is dead.
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    3. Ep3: Repeat Attacks
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    5. Ep1: Nigeria Police Murder Frameups
Barr.Emenike from Toplaw Chambers
toplaw.nigeria on TikTok

I’ll focus on being functional in relaying complaints to the LPDC (Legal practitioners disciplinary committee) when I’m out of prison and may start a project on standardization of legal fees complimenting and . It would be helpful to know standard legal fees in Nigeria prior to the NBA or appropriate authorities defining maximum fees.

Reasons I’ve disengaged Toplaw, Barr.Emenike

I’m terminating toplaw for the reasons stated below which I’ve told him:

I’m terminating for the reasons stated.
You’ve not provided mediation services. You’ve not provided defense.
You’re unable to acquire a CTC.
You’re charging criminally high sums.
Inform me the value of my refund without delay.
If you can’t get CTC, how would you defend me at court ?.

Toplaw cannot get CTC from court since last year till date, he brought strange documents missing documents I received earlier when I got the CTC.
He gives funny excuses on why he does not have the CTC of the case.
He also charged 3.5m for petitions and motions after charging 2m for mediation and defense.
I’ve asked him to cancel his representation and calculate my refund.
He’s arguing that he cannot understand why I can’t engage a lawyer that cannot get CTC or charge reasonably.

Legal fees

I agreed to Toplaw’s 2 million naira charge for withdrawal mediation and defense. I preferred to bundle both even though a successful mediation makes defense redundant. I know it’s more expensive to pay for an optional service but it’s simpler. It’d be absurd to have a lawyer notify me he was engaged for mediation and not defense if required.

Toplaw has requested for the CTC of the casefile, which I’ll assume he has received as he had some of the case file documents when we met on Dec 10, 2023.

The norm is for lawyers to charge huge sums for bail assurance, I’m hoping Toplaw charged that in his 2 million naira quote as he stated bail is a simple issue of paying filing charges averaging 20,000 naira. Nigeria and other African countries has a culture of high bail charges in which the lawyer does everything possible to assure bail. During my research operations in the DRC, I discovered a very different legal system but I’ll suspect high charges assures desired solutions continent wide.

My approach to defense

I sent documents regarding the issue and my approach to Toplaw, he may not understand my approach to defense but we had a discussion about it. I know that when remanded you can institute petitions, criminal and civil cases against others. The fundamental rights suit is an example of legal action questioning a remand order or detainment. The prison will reproduce or present the person held in custody at the location desired on another authority’s warrant.

There’s a goat at Agbor Prison that I suspect to be an inmate, I’m sure they’ll also reproduce animals where required even if the person or animal was remanded by another authority.

I informed Toplaw that we’ll not be taking the traditional defense approach contrary to his expectation which was that I’ll focus on the false charge against me and answer to it before taking action against suspects who’ve been attacking me including while in custody.

I have been dissuaded from prosecuting the attackers by lawyers who’ve been proven to be negatively aligned, Toplaw has not shown himself to be negatively aligned so it’s an issue of me asking he carry out actions and citing laws indicating the actions to be legal if necessary to prevent him from choosing a lazy approach.

I have this plan currently which would see lots of persons arrested and indicated to be the persons attacking me, suspected co-conspirators to Happy Uboh if I’m accusing him, and persons responsible for the attack while I was detained.

My plan

  • Representation at Umunede high court & withdrawal arrangements with accusers who wants 5m naira after providing my defense to them.
  • Fundamental rights suit
  • Petition to ministry of justice to drop unjust charge of murder
  • Petition to police to drop unjust charge of murder.
  • Petition to police against persons responsible for malicious damage to property – accused, reasons and evidence will be listed.
  • Petition to police against persons responsible for armed attempt to kill, forcible entry, burglary – accused, reasons and evidence will be listed.
  • Petition to police against persons responsible for poisoning, burglary – accused, reasons and evidence will be listed.
  • Lawsuit against persons responsible for malicious damage to property and robberies – respondents, reasons and evidence will be listed.
  • Lawsuit against persons responsible for aiding robbery and damages through fault and tampering of bad CCTV and security installation – respondents, reasons and evidence will be listed.
  • Lawsuit against persons suspected of poisoning food and drinks in premises – respondents, reasons and evidence will be listed.
  • Lawsuit against persons for armed attempt to kill, forcible entry – respondents, reasons and evidence will be listed.
  • Lawsuit for return of fees paid and services not rendered against at least 3 lawyers.
  • Petition to NBA against lawyers, at least 3 lawyers are being petitioned. Request to LPDC for disbarment of some of the lawyers will be sought.
  • Petition to EFCC for financial crimes by police officers.
  • Media publication of this matter.
  • I’d seek arrest and investigations in both petitions and lawsuits. I’d also seek compensation for damages in lawsuits.

The vague list of suspects below will be factualized if necessary.

  • 2021 – 2022, Local criminals involved in theft of materials.
  • 2021 – 2022, Electrical staff suspected to have robbed premises of electrical material and generator. Entry and knowledge of activities ongoing is limited to electrical staff. Suspects will be accused.
  • September 2021, CCTV system manipulated after robberies, assassination attempts, Happy Uboh and staff suspected given events indicating burglary by Happy Uboh and staff with supporting evidence before and on April 19, 2022. (Facts and Evidences v3.3 Photo E4 )
  • 25 January 2022, Happy Uboh and staff suspected of food poisoning. Doors left open similar to February 18, 2022 incident with excuses from Happy Uboh and staff.
  • February 18, 2022, Happy Uboh and new age staff committed burglary and suspected poisoning. He claimed the gate was open which was untrue. Damage to doors were noticed after their entry. I kept recording incidents on the CCTV Log book (Facts and Evidences v3.3 Photo E4, Photo E10).
  • March 4, 2022, Staff suspected of bridging security system. Event logged in CCTV Log Book (Facts and Evidences v3.3 Photo E1).
  • February – April 2022, Injured staff from Happy Uboh company suspected of burglary, robbery, poisoning. Staff was having blood on his body. I asked but received no clear answer. Later at night I discovered he entered a locked section where he had no business and left a blood trail. He is suspected to have broken in and got hurt in the process. I complained of being drugged after persons at the premises kept saying SUNO which is a corruption of the drug Swinol that induces memory loss. I was vocal with my complaints and took steps to prevent further poisoning.
  • Happy Uboh and staff or other persons are suspected of remaining in the roof after official duties and leaving doors unlocked when escaping from inside after carrying out criminal activities. When a suspect escapes from inside, the door is left unlocked as locking it from outside without a key which is kept at a different location is impossible. I wake up to discover the doors were unlocked from the inside. Sounds of their footsteps is audible on the roof.
  • February – April 2022, Happy Uboh showed me a gun from his father in America. I felt threatened and advised he should never enter my premises without invitation.
  • April 2022, Armed assassins – more than 5 persons. Some light skinned assassins, other dark skinned assassins that can be described. Engineer Emmanuel and Okafor saved my life. I was hit on the head with an object suspected to be a gun. Happy Uboh may have been there or some of the persons usually seen with him. I can describe the attackers alongside witnesses. On that day happy Uboh and staff were not invited to carry out any activity, any possibility of he being there would indicate he is a part of the assassins. The destruction of my property while I was detained may be an act of continuation of the desire to destroy my property and kill it’s residents by Happy Uboh and his gang.
  • April 19, 2022, Happy Uboh and other attackers attacked my premises. We closed all schedules at 3PM(Facts and Evidences v3.3 Photo E11). Happy Uboh and other attackers were not invited into the premises or granted entry by me or my staff. My staff states she did not grant entry to Happy Uboh or other attackers on April 19, 2022. I was held at gunpoint on April 19, 2022 and other dates.
  • 2023, Persons who carried out a burial including Officer Onyeama of Police command Asaba whom I asked if a Judge would approve of a suspect I argue is not dead to be buried while I’m accusing the suspect and other parties of robbery and assassination. They notified me a burial was carried out while I remained detained. I have indicated that exhumation of the burial site for verification of death, autopsy and verification of the identity of the person they claim to have buried is a priority in my argument against the unjust accusation.
  • Some persons verbally stated that they have imprisoned me through this ordeal. It indicates criminal action by these persons related to the unjust accusation of murder.
  • A confession from one of the attackers on April 19, 2022, will be provided only if necessary. The confession is sensitive and part of the reason I assisted rather than call for persons to punish the attackers at my premises. I took a great risk helping after being attacked.

I’m hoping it won’t be necessary but I’ll argue to the height possible in arresting and convicting everyone involved in break-ins, robberies and assassination attempts.

Toplaw’s interrogation & my winning arguments

Toplaw asked to interrogate which I approved.

I’ll write about it soon. I answered questions about how, why and who framed me for murder.

How I was attacked in my vehicle at the police station entrance in Agbor.

How my staff did not grant entry when I asked her because I don’t know how Happy Uboh gained entry.

How I met Happy Uboh on the floor asking for help and forgiveness.

How bright responded to my call for neighbours to come on happy request.

Toplaw’s slow response complaint and his response

I sent Toplaw my complaint about their slow response and slow action. I sent the message below with a link to a public post detailing his actions and my complaints.

I saw Toplaw’s profile on TikTok, he presents himself as energetic and actionable. I’ve engaged him at a cost of 2m naira for mediation & representation. Unlike his energetic social media profile, he’s slow to respond to messages, I hope his social media presentation is not a facade hiding a lazy, unprofessional lawyer. I’ll know as I ask his attention and present his responses.

Toplaw chambers & me (bad lawfirm)

This was his response

This is a suite against someone that made defamatory statements against me. I am showing you this because I do not want you to tow his line. I do not take libel or slander lightly. Kindly refrain from making derogatory remarks about me or my firm which I have built over the years.

Toplaw evidently knows how to sue people. One of the reasons I engaged Toplaw is to petition and sue persons attacking me including Police Officers that falsified a statement of accidental discharge. I’ll receive his response and excuse for being awol to determine if he’ll be refunding or exhibiting his capacity to sue in protection of his reputation. I’m sharing facts so there’s nothing Toplaw can sue about as defamation involves lying.

Toplaw states he’ll be informing me as the accusers inform him of their response to the withdrawal request. He states courts are closed for 2023 and would resume in 2024. I’ve informed him that the two weeks elapses by the end of 2023. If they’ve not responded on the withdrawal request. I’ll request a refund of the withdrawal deposit and petition, sue, defend, as already planned.

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