Human Rights (NHRC) is afraid of police and bad guys.

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NHRC is mandated to prevent and prosecute human rights violations. The state coordinator Alpheus Ngwu and Okechukwu Ndumidi falsely claim they don’t prosecute human rights violations when the person is facing trial. Okechukwu Ndumidi termed the complaint “wrongful imprisonment”. Alpheus Ngwu refuses to prosecute the violators with evidence and after my inquiries claims he has forwarded the complaint to NHRC Headquarters. I’m reporting NHRC Delta to NHRC Headquarters and petitioning their wrongdoing.


The NHRC represents and helps persons suffering oppression and human rights abuses regardless of being at a prison, police custody, or elsewhere.

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  • On April 19, 2022, I went to Asaba to pickup items ordered from konga. Happy Uboh texted me that he was sick. I told him that I'll close at 3pm. I picked up the items and returned to Agbor before 3pm. My staff welcomed me and we closed at 3pm. The last staff was Emmanuel who asked we continue construction which I refused because I had another schedule at 3pm. When happy Uboh broke into my gated premises after 3pm, my staff also named Happy and myself were the only persons in the premises. When I found happy Uboh after his break in, I asked him how he got in. He apologized and asked for help. I went out and called neighbours to help, a laundry man named bright helped. There was no blood at my premises, my vehicle or the hospital. Police criminally claim he was shot and falsified a confessional statement to support their criminal claim. Happy Uboh had no visible injury on his body, was not bleeding and I did not witness his death. I also have not seen his dead body admist the criminal claim that he is dead.
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Address: No. 10 Maryam
Babangida Way, (Opp.SUBEB),
Asaba, Delta.
Coordinator: Ngwu Alpheus
Phone: 08039463100
Email: [email protected]

I contacted NHRC Delta State.

I have argued to Alpheus Ngwu, Delta State Coordinator, NHRC, about Ndumidi Okechukwu’s wrong presentation of the NHRC’s mandate as an organization that does not interfere in human rights violations during trials contrary to the NHRC’s mandate which is publicly stated (he agreed when I argued, and he received my complaints, visited Agbor Prison, but did not conclude the expected NHRC’S actions).

The NHRC (Amendment) Act, 2010 has conferred on the Commission additional independence and strengthened the Commission’s power with respect to promotion and protection of human rights, investigation of alleged violation of human rights and enforcement of decisions. The Amendment Act has also widened the scope of the Commission’s Mandate to include vetting of legislations at all levels to ensure their compliance with human rights norms…

The powers of the NHRC are stated below:

1. The Commission shall have power to
a) conduct its investigations and inquiries in such manner as it considers appropriate;
b) institute any civil action on any matter it deems fit in relation to the exercise of its functions under this Act;
d) visit prisons, police cells and other places of detention to ascertain the condition thereof and make recommendation to the appropriate authorities;
e) make determination as to the damages or compensation payable in relation to any violation of human rights where it deems this necessary in the circumstances of the case; …

The NHRC’s mandate and powers allows it to interfere and offer relief to persons suffering human rights violations regardless of where or why the person is detained ( NHRC, The Powers of the commission, 2023, 1a,b,d , ).

Alpheus Ngwu and Okechukwu Ndumidi try to shy away from the commission’s mandate.

Complaint & Response

I sent someone to NHRC’s office Asaba, Delta State, after contacting them with my complaint. He returned the guide on how the NHRC’s complaint should be presented.

Complaint guide from NHRC

I sent my complaint through DHL to NHRC, and, Delta State Police Command, Asaba, on January 30, 2023.

Okechukwu Ndumidi received the complaints and notified me he would engage Delta State Police Command Asaba.

Violations complaint to NHRC

Okechukwu Ndumidi stated he would petition the Command and enquire as to why they would carry out the actions I complained about. He stated he had engaged the command.

NHRC termed the situation “wrongful imprisonment”.

NHRC’s visit to Agbor Prison

Okechukwu Ndumidi visited Agbor Prison, he asked I sign the complaints I sent to him. I did and he left with the signed documents.

NHRC’S advise against paying police for closure of the false murder accusation

Okechukwu Ndumidi advised against paying Police Officer Onyeama Nwaojigba for closure of the matter after I presented facts and evidences arguing against the falsified charge of murder. Amongst my complaint to NHRC was paying Police Officers Onyeama Nwaojigba, and, Blessing Edosa, 1 million naira for bail which they did not grant while in their custody.

Okechukwu Ndumidi received my complaints, evidences and witnesses, but as at December 16, 2023, has not acted on the situation. I will present this complaint and ask for the NHRC’S response before petitioning and publicising their refusal to act in accordance with their mandate if they’re unactionable.

Enquiry to NHRC on why they’ve not acted on my complaint after terming it “wrongful imprisonment”

I sent a mail on December 16, 2023, and called Alpheus Ngwu, Coordinator, NHRC, Delta State on December 18, 2023.

Alpheus Ngwu,
Okechukwu Ndumidi,

I’ve written a blog complaining about your review and refusal to assist in line with the NHRC’s mandate.

Okechukwu Ndumidi usually claims the NHRC does not represent persons at court. This may be true but the reason I contacted the NHRC and recommend others to contact, is due to the powers vested to the NHRC, to investigate and act against human rights violations, even if the persons are detained.

Nigeria has a bad human rights record. The media regularly showcases police being punished for human rights violations.

My complaint is similar to the regular human rights violations carried out by the Nigeria Police Force. I’ve attached the link to my blog post below. Kindly read it as you would have to present a defense as to why NHRC Delta State received my complaint and did nothing about it.

I’ll call Alpheus Ngwu to follow up on this complaint and ask feedback for the long overdue violations complaint to NHRC.

Mouka Emmanuel

Sent from Proton Mail mobile

Mail to [email protected] From [email protected] on Dec 16, 2023 9:45 PM

Response from NHRC Delta on why they’ve not acted on my complaint on Dec 16, 2023

I spoke to Alpheus Ngwu on December 18, 2023, about my complaints to NHRC Delta State, signing the documents to Okechukwu Ndumidi on his visit to Agbor Prison and Okechukwu terming the situation a “wrongful imprisonment”. I also told him Okechukwu advised I do not pay the police demand for money to resolve their falsification after presenting factual evidence that I was the victim of the attack against my gated premises.

Alpheus Ngwu who behaves like Okechukwu in dissuading persons requesting for assistance from the NHRC states that he spoke to Okechukwu about the complaint and wrongly stated against the NHRC’s mandate that the NHRC does not interfere in violations reports when the person is facing trial at a court. This is not true.

Alpheus Ngwu states that he is aware of Okechukwu Ndumidi engaging the Police officers with a complaint and evidence of the Police asking money for bail and refusing to grant it which is a crime, falsifying a statement which is another crime, torture which is yet another crime, and simply asking the police why they would ask for money. Alpheus Ngwu states the police informed him that they asked for money after I presented evidence of me being innocent so they can resolve the situation. Alpheus Ngwu shamefully advised that he supports me giving the police money only if they resolve a situation they falsified. I asked him if the NHRC with the powers vested on it to investigate and act against human rights violations, visits the violator to negotiate about resolving the situation when the violations have evidence. He said he only supports me giving them money if they resolve the problem they created. Alpheus Ngwu argues that the NHRC does not have the powers to prosecute wrongdoers as stated in it’s mandate. This is another lie by Alpheus Ngwu.

Alpheus Ngwu again shamefully stated that he is aware I’m sharing the events on my blog and that I’m recording my conversation with him. I sent him the link to my blog to ensure he acts professionally knowing that the matter is public, and I told him I would give a notice before recording anyone as legally required. I do not and have never recorded conversations without notice for presentation.

I told Alpheus Ngwu I’ll petition him for his wrong claim that the NHRC does not intervene in matters at court. I also told him I’ll petition him for receiving my factual complaint and refusing to act on the situation against violators. He states he has reviewed the situation, I asked him for his response to my complaints. He states he reviewed them and forwarded the complaints to NHRC headquarters but that the NHRC does not have powers to intervene in violations just because the person is being tried at a court. This is not true.

I spoke to NHRC Abuja on December 18, 2023, and mailed my complaints to [email protected] , the mail address for NHRC Abuja. I’ll petition NHRC Delta alongside.

Helping others through NHRC while they’ve not assisted me.

I provided NHRC’S contacts to several persons whose complaints reflected oppression and human rights violations. I sponsored some of these recommendations.

On October 17, 2023, I spoke to the Delta State Coordinator, Alphues Ngwu. Ngwu claims like Okechukwu Ndumidi that the NHRC does not represent people at court, while this may be true, It gives a false impression to persons in need of help from the NHRC.

The NHRC Delta State seems lazy in helping persons. They are quick to inform persons contacting them that they do not represent people at court and Okechukwu wrongly informed me that human rights violations should be handled during trial. I argued and rebuked his misinformation. He agreed that the NHRC can assist regardless of an ongoing trial on my insistence.

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