Release efforts through Agbor Prison Warden

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Release efforts through Agbor Prison Warden : Murder allegation against Mouka Emmanuel

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I was arrested & remanded unlawfully to Agbor prison. The warder on may 25, 2022, Mr.Ezeogwu .F, bearing resemblance to Mr.Balo, a restauranteur in Accra, was a bit troublesome. The next warden , Mr.Oni A.I., alongside the former Comptroller of Prisons, Delta State, promoted to Zonal Coordinator assured assistance. I paid 1.2m naira for a police investigation & 2m naira for closure. I forfeited the 2m naira as a gift to Mr.Oni A.I., owing to failed assurances & delay. I’m to receive the police report and tender for closure asap. I’ve trusted his assistance and am yet to get the desired results of peace and my freedom. I will discuss these issues and remind him of the long delay in various forms for his consideration and assistance.

I was remanded to Agbor Prison, Agbor, by a request declared “not legal” at Magistrate Court, Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria, rendering my remand unlawful.

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  • On April 19, 2022, I went to Asaba to pickup items ordered from konga. Happy Uboh texted me that he was sick. I told him that I'll close at 3pm. I picked up the items and returned to Agbor before 3pm. My staff welcomed me and we closed at 3pm. The last staff was Emmanuel who asked we continue construction which I refused because I had another schedule at 3pm. When happy Uboh broke into my gated premises after 3pm, my staff also named Happy and myself were the only persons in the premises. When I found happy Uboh after his break in, I asked him how he got in. He apologized and asked for help. I went out and called neighbours to help, a laundry man named bright helped. There was no blood at my premises, my vehicle or the hospital. Police criminally claim he was shot and falsified a confessional statement to support their criminal claim. Happy Uboh had no visible injury on his body, was not bleeding and I did not witness his death. I also have not seen his dead body admist the criminal claim that he is dead.
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On arrival at Agbor Prison, the warden, Mr.Ezeogwu F., who bears striking resemblance to Mr.Balo, the owner of a fine Nigerian restaurant in Accra, Ghana said “You are rejected”.

I spent some weeks while remanded unlawfully arguing with the Warden, Mr.Ezeogwu F., about why I am remanded if I was rejected. I stated witnesses being present when he informed me I was rejected. My sister Ruth was witness to the conversation. She visited on the day I made enquiries into the legality of my remand due to not being reproduced before the Magistrate court that declared the remand request “not legal”, yet somehow the prison presents a document stating that the Magistrates Court Agbor, issued a remand order. The remand order stated I was to be reproduced on May 16, 2022. The Prison failed to reproduce me before the Magistrates Court and failed to explain what “rejected” means.

The warden, Mr.Ezeogwu F., introduced me to the Comptroller of Prisons, Delta State, I presented my situation and he asked these questions:

  • Would you like a settlement out of court with the accusers ?

I answered that I would not mind such a settlement but I am the complainant and the victim.

  • My business, activities, …?

I answered that I manage a company in Agbor, NNAI Ltd, duly registered with the CAC. I gave details about my friendly relationship with Alihame community, Agbor, and my interest in serving Nigeria through one of its agencies such as Police, Prisons, others.

He assured he’d review the situation and help.

The warden, Mr.Ezeogwo F., supported my efforts with a major altercation leading him to inform me he’d shoot me. This was when I protested being detained for months without appearing at court and sought an explanation. I informed him that “he cannot” lawfully shoot me. We eventually settled our differences with continued notice to him and the administration that I can petition and sue them for wrongdoing.

It took me over 5 months to collect the facts and evidences. I wished the warden Mr.Ezeogwu F., well during his transfer from Agbor Prison. I welcomed the warden Mr.Oni A.I., I presented the “facts and evidences” to the warden of Agbor prison, and the Comptroller of Prisons, Delta State. The warden, Mr.Oni A.I., stated the investigation would cost 1 million naira, with an additional 200,000 naira to cater to the IPOs efforts. I paid a total of 1,200,000 naira towards the investigation which the warden, Mr.Oni A.I., undertook at Delta State Police Command, Asaba, and Agbor Police Command, Agbor. I provided contacts of Police officer Duke Amerika, answered all questions and continually improved my arguments leading to “version 3.3″. Mr.Oni A.I., informed me the investigation was concluded and declared me innocent of the accusations. He stated that a report had been prepared by the IPOs and he would tender it at court and the necessary authorities to secure my release.

The efforts undertaken by the warden, Mr.Oni A.I., was complimented by Barr.Ehiedu, recommended by the registrar at Umunede High Court, Mr.Samuel. Barr.Ehiedu acted on the wardens efforts at the Ministry of Justice, Asaba, when the warden stated he was done with the investigations. He charged 50,000 naira for the effort at the Ministry of Justice, Asaba, with a notice he’d return the conclusion towards my release. Barr.Ehiedu did not return feedback and acted wrongly by disregarding written instructions we agreed on prior to his representation at court which would have been unnecessary if he had concluded whatever he stated he was going to do at Asaba. The warden is equally responsible for conclusion of the matter given he undertook an investigation.

The warden, Mr.Oni A.I., stated that I would be free to leave the next day on payment of a charge which happens to be the same amount police at Asaba requested for resolution of a complaint in the false accusation against me. The amount was two million naira.

1m of 2m paid to the warden of Agbor Prison
2m of 2m paid to the warden of Agbor Prison

I requested assurance and paid the two million naira. Barr.Ehiedu confirmed the warden was acting on the efforts as requested on payment of the 2m same time Barr.Ehiedu requested 50,000 naira for his efforts at Ministry of Justice, Asaba.

The warden, Mr.Oni A.I., gave repeat excuses until I decided to forfeit the 2m naira to him as a gift while insisting he provide the police report which I paid 1.2m naira towards for presentation to the Ministry of Justice and Courts. He has not done that as at September 01, 2023, while I’m expecting my lawyers to engage the affair where he’d be required to present that effort for closure of the matter alongside my conclusive efforts.

I don’t know why efforts through him have not brought expected results with repeat assurances and efforts by me to work with his suggestions. I’ve been a strong supporter with projects for the betterment of the prison.

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